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We belong among the biggest printing complexes in the Czech Republic with wide range of possibilites in the field of publication and visual communication.


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At the beginning of every project by LOGIK is communication.
We are going to ask you, what goals does your campaign have, so that we can choose suitable instruments from our offer. We are going to ask, who do you want to address, and accordingly, we will prepare a functional design. We are going to ask about  unique components of your brand, so that we can include them in the design. And we will be glad, when you will ask questions as well.

What experience do we have? Who do we work for?
What are our development and production facilities like?

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  • Promotional and polygraphic services under one roof.
  • Strong references, first-rate technology and perfect know-how.
  • Experienced team of marketers, creative graphics, DTP workers, technologists, designers.
  • Experience with complete execution of wide spectrum of marketing projects and additional services in the field of production and campaign realization.
  • Ability to offer innovative solution related to our knowledge of the market and related trends.


  • Ability to creatively elaborate on client's idea from the basic concept or to adapt client's vision to a functional solution.
  • Procedural apporach towards orders based on standards ISO 9001:2009 and ISO 14001:2005.
  • Technology for all types of polygraphic products from leaflet printing, including promotional packaging to the production of constructionally complex cardboard products in the form of floor stands and other products designed for in-store communication.

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We keep pushing the boundaries in finding a solution of our clients` communication needs.