Monthly Archives: December 2015

UNIQA event in Samechov

Among projects of the marketing and advertising agency of LOGIK belong also events. In half of October, we organised already a fourth event for the most successful business consultants and leaders of general agencies of the UNIQA insurance company – the so-called V.I.P. Club. Preparation of the V.I.P. Club meeting begins already in spring, when it…

Success of Chupa Chups
 in schools

The aim of this campaign was to address pupils and students of elementary schools and high schools in an attractive way, directly on the school grounds, to kick off fun in connection with the Chupa Chups brand and to support the perceived connection of the brand with music for young people. That's why the brand…

KBA Rapida 164: Our largest worker

The B0+ format belongs among the largest print formats in the field of offset print. Not only you can print a motive onto it up to the dimension that corresponds to the standard B0 format, but you can also use composition of more motives onto one sheet and this way, save costs. In the LOGIK…

CTP: an important step on the way to a quality print

Modern offset print offered in the LOGIK printing house today, is light years ahead from the traditional notion of print. Thanks to continuous investments in new technologies, today, the customers profit from speed, quality and not in the least also from ecology of the printing. One of the elements that contribute to this is the…

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