Communication Spaces of In-store Displays

The key to a successful in-store campaign is working with the space of the selected display. You will capture customers' attention if you use specific parts correctly. Each part deserves a special approach, because it captures the customer's attention in a different way and plays a unique role in the process by which we pull the customer out of his daily routine and force him to reach for the exhibited goods.


↑ Topper. The top communication space delivers the main message of the campaign when the customer is standing directly in front of the rack and is paying full attention to the information.


↑ Front and datastrips. The front is designed for branding or addi tional information such as SALE, DISCOUNT, 2+1, FREE etc. Of course, the datastrips are used for the product prices.

↑ Side panel. The key visual and branding for attracting the attention of customers coming from the side.

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