Paper makes Christmas (Marketing&Media 41/2015)

Autumn means the Christmas time for printing houses. Not only do we prepare pre-Christmas sale campaigns and their individual elements, but also prints for companies for the following year, catalogues, calendars, and virtually anything that surrounds you in the office throughout the whole year.

What should you ask from your printing house before Christmas? Let's have a look at a small guide through the elements, that will make your work easier and that will help you with your sales.

1) Catalogues: Luxurious and regular catalogues belong among basic communication tools and equipment of vendors, and it is a good idea not to underestimate their preparation. Right choice of paper, special surface finishing, suitable binding: all that plays an indispensable role.
2) Yearbooks and annual reports: Other type of printed material that is used by your company for external presentation. To present oneself as a strong company means to use quality technology of print and bookbinding processing.
3) Little things for everyday: Every day in the office, we are surrounded by printed materials you might even fail to notice, but which still belong among the foundations of company communication. This means, for example, headed paper, envelopes or business cards, but before the end of the year, there are also other materials that represent your company on the outside.
4) Calendars: We look at them all year long, so don't forget to prepare your company's calendar before the end of the year, so that your customers wouldn't want to look at anything else!
5) Elements of sales promotion: A successful in-store campaign can't be based only on one element. So paper serves as the original raw material for many others, no less important elements to catch the attention of buyers: from wobblers to special formats and shapes.
6) Packages out of smooth cardboard: Special gift packages play a prime role when choosing a suitable present to put underneath the Christmas tree. Cosmetics, body care or even food in an interesting package with a luxurious look, all that registers a rocket growth before Christmas, even thanks to packaging that completes the overall impression.
7) Cardboard stands and displays: Communication at point of sale during the whole year, but especially during the pre-Christmas period. Their advantages are low costs, short production times, easy transportation and the possibility of unique shape and colour combinations.

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