FEFCO Packaging

  • FEFCO 446_s800px
  • FEFCO 427_s800px
  • FEFCO 432_s800px
  • FEFCO 200_s800px
  • FEFCO 201_s800px
  • FEFCO 210_s800px
  • FEFCO 211_s800px
  • FEFCO 215_s800px
  • FEFCO 217_s800px
  • FEFCO 304_s800px
  • FEFCO 421_s800px
  • FEFCO 422_s800px
  • FEFCO 425_s800px
  • FEFCO 470_s800px
  • FEFCO 713_s800px

The FEFCO norm is a European standard for regular types of cardboard packaging constructions.

Construction according to FEFCO is always marked with a number, e.g. 0201 for standard corrugated box.

We are offering packages in compliance with the FEFCO norm in dimensions according to the individual assignment.

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