Here you will find our projects with the option of selecting the field you are interested in.

  • Desk Calendars

    Desk Calendars

    The capacity and technological equipment of LOGIK calendar production enables  production of up to 2000 desk calendars per hour. The…


  • Wall Calendars

    Wall Calendars

    The capacity and technological equipment of LOGIK calendar production enables the production of up to to 2000 wall calendars per…


  • Sale Stands

    Sale Stands

    One of the basic components of sale. We focus mainly on production out of smooth and corrugated cardboard. These stands…


  • In-Store Displays

    In-Store Displays

    Sale displays serve to draw the attention of the buyers at points of sale. They belong among the most effective…


  • Counter Displays

    Counter Displays

    Counter displays are one of the most favourite instruments of in-store promotion. We design and produce unique solutions that are…


  • Catalogues


    Catalogues are one of the most often used instruments for the presentation of products on offer, even during internet times.…


  • krabice KCD edition 800x500 px

    Product Packaging

    We realize the various functions of packaging. We produce all packages with emphasis on all the necessary functions: communication, product…


  • Leaflets


    An elementary instrument for unaddressed communication with customers. We produce leaflets for various purposes: from promotional materials for retail chains…


  • Donuty na sněhu

    Donuty na sněhu

    Pro segment donutů jsme v letošní zimě připravili a kompletně realizovali sérii eventů napříč lyžařskými středisky v České republice. Cílem…


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