IN-STORE Design Vocabulary

Overview of most frequently used terminology during in-store campaign preparation.

Floor POP Media, Stands and Product Displays

Stands and Product Displays
Floor stand for an advertised products or leaflet placement

Quickly assembled billboards with the possibility to change the graphics, which is placed on one of the construction of floor billboard, totems – floor elements with action graphics supporting special offers

Pallet Islands
Distinctively demarcated placement of products outside the racks

Pallet Decorations
Supplementation of pallet sales with additional graphics

Rack Fronts
Graphic ad on the front of a rack

Floor Graphics
Sticker placed on the floor

Bridging and Advertising Gates
An ad that bridges over an aisle and sales floor space

Shop in a Shop
Point of sale for a selected brand/group of products directly on the sales floor space

Promotional Stalls
Stalls for tastings and promotion events

Rack POP Media

Rack Decoration (Complex)
Maximum rack branding

Rack Dividers and Delineators
A bar used for physical and optical divison/delineation of individual product types and brands

Info-bars/Rack Bars
A bar with graphics that communicates a brand, price etc.

Sample Holders/Testers
A holder or a stand used for sample presentation, firmly connected to the rack

An instrument that enables easy sampling, e.g. in cosmetics

Wobblers and Stoppers

Graphic elements usually fastened to a rack bar

Above-the-rack Decorations
Component that is placed above the rack

Ribbed boxes into which products are placed to maintain their visibility

Display Boxes/Cardboard Boxes
Secondary product packaging

Wall POP Elements

  • Posters
  • Frames
  • Billboards
  • Illuminated adverts
  • Flags

POP at the Counter

  • Counter displays
  • Counter coin trays
  • Leaflet holders
  • Labelling of counter belts

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