Basic Bookbinding Terminology

Bookbinding work has its fixed terminology, but it's no rocket science.

Finishing Works
A set of machine and manual operations through which the semifactured product receives its final form.

Adhesive Laminating
Base material (millboard, cardboard etc.) is pasted over with covering paper. It is used for production of bigger sized eye-catchers, stands etc.

Bookbinding Signature
Sheet of paper marked with a signature with precisely eliminated pages.

Book Block
More folders connected together.

Cut into the material in one layer (without carrier damage). It is used for example with stickers, where it's possible to print more output on one sheet of paper.

Adjustment of material dimensions into the final shape using knife or scissors.

Discontinuous cutting through material in such a way that the individual parts won't separate from each other, but at the same time, they can be ripped off easily.

Re-fold - Overlap
Overlap of one half of the folder over another.

It is used for higher grammages (ca from 170g upwards). In the first phase, a rill is made into the place of a future bend and afterwards, the print is folded into the required format. Rilling is used to prevent cracking in place of the bend.

Format is folded into a smaller one.

Blind Blocking (Dry Print)
Embossing technique using printing form without any colours.

Folding of a sheet of paper by one or several breaks into a rough format.

Thermal Impression
It is used to accentuate a graphic element, usually using material with metalic appearance (golden, silver) and polymer or metal printing blocks.

Layout of pages on a sheet of paper for subsequent collation and completion of prints.

A way to achieve a print shape that is impossible to get by cropping of 4 edges.

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