We think of printing as a part of the production chain of a functional and effective solution for our customers. The printing house LOGIK offers also preparational and subsequent services which provide the most substantial for the customers: a certainty that their prints are going to be provided in such quality to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

That's why we also offer the services of an advertising agency. The agency is going to prepare a concept based on specified goals of a particular project, it selects the optimal means of print, but even other communication instruments and it provides the most effective way of communication possible.

The construction department designs individual printed elements so that they are always unique from the design point of view, functional for the needs of a specific use and cost efficient. We design an ideal solution of the shape, form and material, as well as the production technology.

Our graphics department is ready to prepare a creative design using the design of manuals of a specific customer with regard to the function of the print in preparation.

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