Die-Cutting, Lamination and Coating

There are various techniques of post-printing processing. Altogether, they are called postpress.

Lamination and Coating
Through all kinds of coating and lamination, final glossy or matte effect can be achieved. Lamination is usually used for protection of prints placed in a stressing environment, in some cases for prints where longer durability is required. With prints that should communicate respectability, stability, partnership etc., matte effect is usually used. With prints for sales promotion with pronounced full colours that should help to quickly catch the eye, glossy effect is used more often.

During prints production, the surface is covered with polypropylene or polyester foil. The resulting material has high mechanical endurance and high protection against humidity. It is suitable for outside use, production facilities etc. Lamination is done under hot or under cold conditions.

UV Coating
UV coat gives high gloss to the products, enables fast application of greater varnish layer, of varnish that is durable and washable. A UV coat improves the durability of prints and other products.

Print Coating
Basic coating type executed directly in the offset machine. It is a way of coating used particularly for primary protection of fast-circulation prints.

Dispersive Coating
It is applied using a special coating unit that usually has an online connection to the printing machine. It enables application of only relatively small layer of varnish, which lowers the resulting visual coating effect. It is used in particular for basic leaflet coating, coating of cigarette packs etc.

Partial Coating
Coating of selected print parts (using screen printing) to highlight the details  - fonts, logos and other components.

This is a final form of print, where a special shape of the resulting solution is required (packaging, company presentation folders, POP materials, bags etc.). In case of promotional products, this can have an interesting effect that will jazz up the prints and differentiate them from your competitors.

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