Offset Printing

For orders of flat offset printing, we use printing machines by Heidelberg and KBA. We dispose of modern two-, four- and five-colour machines with varnishing aggregates in format sizes B2, B1 and B0+. The printing capacity of the machines ensures fast processing even with orders of an exceptionally large size.

For the most wanted print of B1 format, we use offset machines Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102/4+L, CD 102/5+L and CD 102/6+L with maximum format of the sheet 720 × 1020mm, with speed of 15.000 sheets of paper per hour and the option of printing on paper with grammage of 60 – 750g (height of the material up to ca 1mm), and also machine Polly Prestige 474. For printing 5/0+L in B0 format, we use an offset machine KBA Rapida 162 A, offset for printing up to 1200 × 1620mm.

We continuously concentrate on modernisation of technologies and processes so that we always offer a complete service to our customers, alongide with high quality and fast delivery times.

For offset print, we usually use very precise densitometric and spectrophotometric measurement of printing values using modern automatic spectrophotometer Techkon.

Within environmentally oriented policy of the customers, LOGIK carries out orders with FSC and PEFC certificates (ecological certificates of paper manufacturers).

1× KBA Rapida 162 A

> format B0++
> 5 colours plus varnish
> speed: 15.000 sheets/h

3× Heidelberg Speedmaster CD 102

> format B1
> 4, 5 or 6 colours plus varnish
> 3× 15.000 sheets/h
> mutual substitutability

1× Heidelberg Speedmaster 102-2

> with a turning device
> duplex printing 1/1
> one-sided printing 2/0
> format B1

1× Polly Prestige 474

> format B2
> 4 colours