Bookbinding Services

> Folding of B1 format (up to 14 folds), input width from 820mm up to the size of instruction leaflets, 8× folding machine
> 2× line V1 with the ability to process more at the same time
> The fastest bookbinding line of  V2 type in the Czech Republic: 12.000 pc/h
> Line for twin wire and calendar binding
> Line for collation of sheets and folders
> 2× automatic die-cutting Bobst wih die-cutting of B1 format
> Bobst automatic gluer of boxes – six-point gluing
> 3× platen die-cut up to B1
> 1× platen die-out up to B0
> Backing up to 1 000 × 1 400mm or an endless belt up to the width of 800mm
> Lamination up to B1
> UV varnish up to B1
> Blind embossing and hot-press embossing up to 570 × 800mm using Heidelberg Steuer machine
> Perforation, scoring, scoring using a wheel
> Automated paper drilling (4 mandrels)
> Notebook binding
> Order completion
> Automatic foil packaging

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