Do you want more from your printing house? We can also prepare exclusive jewelry.

That we can design and implement anything from the world of the press, you surely know. We know much more. A few weeks ago, we completely launched a new ambitious brand with the U marker. This is a unique concept of fingerprint jewelry, resin-coated hair, or luxury solitaire with personal diamonds.

The philosophy of jewelry WITH U comes from the belief that each of us is the original and that's exactly what he deserves a jewel. Definitely personal, unique and unlike any other person in the world. In addition to being able to produce and prepare for A to Z customers thanks to Czech jeweler masters, we can handle everything else that builds a new strong brand.

At the beginning was the logo. And of course not just the logo. It was necessary to develop corporate brand identity, retouch the jewelry, design and develop the face of the brand, create an attractive web and appealing catalog in printed and electronic versions. Additionally, an incoming communication campaign came out, mostly in the form of an online banner campaign with a carefully selected target group, PR articles on selected portals and Facebook and Instagram campaigns. Yes, we can do everything in LOGIK. See

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