Kingswood Stands: Challenge met, summer can begin

Occasionally we encounter a real challenge, and it is then possible to roll up our sleeves, to stretch all the forces and the sophistication and face it. Exactly such a challenge this year was the creation of a rack for Plzeňský Prazdroj, which will be proud to remove the cans of delicious apple drink KIngswood all summer.

The cardboard floor stand for the action communication of premium cider is atypical and is completely out of the ordinary solution. Its shape is to evoke the trunk of the tree, on which are attached shelves in the shape of a semicircle.

In Logic, Kingswood has been in charge of the entire Kingswood stand, so it has to be thought out, carefully tested for load and stability, and ultimately good graphics. Only then did we put the Kingswood stands in production. In our workshops, all the loads of these original carriers have been created, which you will be able to meet all over summer on the surfaces of fast-moving consumer goods chains.

The goal of Kingswood's Logik workshop is to attract the first attention of customers to the premium apple cider that evokes nature, summer and refreshment to return to it after good experience.

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