The original packaging of Kingdom Come: was prepared by LOGIK

We also participated in the LOGIK in the form of this world-wide successful computer game from the Czech company Warhorse Studios. One of the biggest events of the last time in the field of computer games was born in the Czech Republic and very soon conquered virtually the whole world. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is popular, smart and attractive. It is also available in a special limited edition. And at first glance it is completely original. We are very pleased that we have a large share in this. How is it possible? We designed and printed our limited edition edition Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

The graphics were delivered by the client himself, everything else with the design of the limited edition Kingdom Come: Deliverance, we have taken on our loins. In our high season operation, we spent long days printing, cutting and folding with the help of our best technology and the most experienced experts.

The result is a rather complicated, rugged, but high-quality and sophisticated box that the client then sent to the entire world. Kingdom Come Packaging Design: Deliverance meets the high demands on the quality of the product as it corresponds to the product.

And given the worldwide popularity that the Czech game has gained, it seems that other parts will emerge. Collaboration with Warhors Studios has been very enjoyable for both parties, and so we believe we can also take care of the design of the packaging of a possible continuation of this computer game.

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